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Green Tara

This meditation practice has been prepared from a number of traditional Mahayana and Vajrayana sources.

Establish the ten directions by using the mantra 'Phat' or snapping fingers.

Adopt a comfortable meditation posture and allow the breath to flow freely, you may wish to use the mantra 'HamSa'.

Once the breath is steady and the mind becomes clear of discursive thoughts allow your normal surroundings to fall away as all becomes an open clear blue sky.

In front of you appears a upala flower, upon which is a sun and a moon mat. in the centre of this is a green syllable TAM.

You become one with this syllable.

From the letter TAM rays of translucent rainbow light emanate into the ten directions.

These rays of light receive the blessings of the hosts of Dakinis, Gurus, Spirits, Deities both fierce and peaceful of the three worlds and the three times.

The light rays return and as they merge with you in the form of the green Tam, you find your self in a new body.

You are now in the form of a beautiful sixteen year old girl, your body is made of a clear soft green light.

You are seated in the centre of the upala flower floating in the clear blue sky, around you on the sun and moon mat is inscribed the mantra;


In your heart centre is also a upala flower, and within it is also inscribed the mantra This begins to rotate and as it does you hear the sound of the mantra emanating from within your heart.

As each recitation of the mantra rings out it turns into rainbow light filling your entire body.

In front of you and above appears a clear white cloud. Upon this cloud stands Avalokitesvara purest white with four arms. In his lower pair of arms he holds a vase of nectar to his heart, his upper arms are making the gesture of granting boons and dispelling fear. He is surrounded by a host of Bodhisattvas.

The beams of rainbow light now begin to pour out of the top of your head and as they do so they take the form of beautiful dakinis carrying gifts to Avalokitesvara and his company of Bodhisattvas.

Avalokita is very pleased, and responds by pouring the nectar from the vase into the crown of your head.. the nectar descends filling your whole body.

Now the mantra in your heart begins to rotate again, and this time light rays radiate forth and extend to every being on the earth below, each ray of light transforms each being into the image of the beautiful Lady Tara.

Rest for a few moments and gradually allow the image to fade as you merge into your everyday self.

Recite the mantra Aum x 3

Say 'May all achieve Peace Freedom and Happiness,

Om Shiva-Shakti'.


Avalokitesvara is often identified with Matsyendranath and/or Shiva. The nectar from the vase could have any particular transformative effect you wish but is normally associated with wisdom-knowledge.