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Meditations on Dattatreya

from Dattatreya: The way and the goal, Sri Jaya Chamarajendra Wadiyar Bahadur, Allen & Unwin 1957

He who would meditate in accordance with the mode laid down in the Upanisad on the deity Dattatreya, the Lord of Lords, Dattatreya the Lord, the gracious - Siva - the tranquil - Santa, the Lord who is lustrous like sapphire in complexion - Indranilanibha, the mighty one - Prabhu, delighting in his own marvelluous power - Maya, the Lord whose activities are his sport - Lila, the Lord who is the one philosopher - Avadhuta, the Lord who has the cardinal directions as his garments - digambara, the Lord whose limbs are smeared with holy ashes - bhasmoddhulita-sarvanga, the Lord who wears the crown of matted hair - jata-jutadhara, the glorious Lord - vibhu, the Lord four-armed - caturbahu, and invested with distinguished limbs - udaranga, the Lord with eyes opened wide like full-blown lotus flowers - praphulla-kamaleksana, the Lord who is the treasure-trove of knowledge - Jnana, and discipline - Jnana-yoga-nidhi, the Lord who is the world-teacher, visvaguru, the Lord who is dear to the Yogis - Yogijanapriya, the Lord who is tender to his devotees - bhaktanukampin, the Lord who is the witness to all - Sarvasaksin, the Lord who is served by accomplished adepts - siddha-sevita, such a one, released from all sins will attain beatific bliss. Thus aum! the Truth. Thus the Upanisad.

Salutation to the Lord Dattatreya
[who is] the dispeller of great fears, [who] bestows the highest knowledge, who has the character of knowledge and bliss, who is in the guise of a child, a madman, and a devil; who is a great yogin, who is a philosopher, who is the enhancer of the joy of Anasuya, his mother, and is the son of the sage Atri, who bestows the fruit of all desires to the devotee's heart. Aum.
Obesiance to the redeemer from the fetters of worldly existence, hrim
Obesiance to he who bestows all kinds of power, krom
Obesiance to he who attracts all kinds of accomplishments, sauh
Obesiance to the agitator of all minds, srim
Obesiance to the long-lived, vasat
Do thou attract, hum
Do thou antagonise, phat
Do thou drive away, tha tha
Do thou paralyse, kha kha
Salutations to the highly accomplished one, avaha
You nourish my body. You destroy the spells of my adversaries. You counteract the influence of all malignant spirits.
You cure all ailments. You drive away all anguish.
You nourish my body. You fill the mind with joy. You are the real form of all incantations.
Aum. Salutations to Shiva.
The preceptor is Brahma. The preceptor is Visnu. The preceptor himself is Mahesvara. Salutations to the preceptor Dattatreya.
I offer salutations to the Lord Dattatreya, the Divine
Thee that satisfies those that are devoted to him, ocean of bliss which is no other than himself.
The divine and the remover of the ignorance that causes bondage.
Auspicious am I! Siroham.