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A Bhairavi Meditation

This short meditation has been extracted from the work of the Ganna Chakra, a London-based group of magicians exploring Tantric magic.

"I bow to that Devi who is red like the splendour of a thousand rising suns. She is garlanded with skull, rosy breasted, her hands held in the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. The crescent moon rests on her forehead. Three-eyed, she dwells in the heart of the sun.

I bow to that Bhairavi from whom emanate the fearful thunderous sounds of dissolution, and who is surrounded by the white ashes of the cremation ground; she wears garlands of skulls on her breasts and in her ears. She is Narayani, who helps us go beyond. She is Gauri, the quencher of all sorrows."

"Softly smiling, you shine with a crimson glow that may be compared to a thousand newly risen suns. You wear a silken veil a garland of skulls. Blood smears your breast. Three voluptuous eyes adorn your lotus face; the moon is your diadem. Your lotus hands show the gestures of victory, of wisdom, the granting of boons, and the allaying of fear."

For this meditation, Bhairavi is identified with the Dakini of the Muladhara.

Seat yourself in a lotus-circle of four petals, within which there is a yellow square. Muladhara means "root-support" - meditate upon the root - who planted it, how does it grow, what might it grow into? What does it support? Meditate upon the principle of solidity. Of the Earth. Of being rooted. Of being Supported. What do these things mean to us?

Try and relate the body-zone of the chakra to feelings, thoughts, sensations. You may find it useful to vibrate the Bija (seed) mantra LAM. When you feel ready, turn your attention to venerating the Shatki - the 'power' the mysterious mistress of the chakra. Call her by the names you know her. Offer her litanies (see those given above as examples) and give her offerings that you think will please her. If she is pleased with your offerings she may be willing to interact with you in some way. If she does so, thank her and breathe her and the chakra into yourself to close the meditation.

This is a simple astral sequence which may go towards establishing some kind of personal rapport with Bhairavi. Note that this meditation leaves it entirely open as to how Bhairavi will manifest for you - will she appear before you (within the chakra), in your body, above you, etc - this is open, as is the manner in which she may communicate with you. Feel free to elaborate this as you will.

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