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Invocation of Tyr

Invocations of Tyr have primarily three purposes:

  • The use of the God in a martial or attack based ritual.
  • The use of a judgement or favourable outcome type ritual.
  • In the forming or use of Oaths or the swearing of Troths.
  • These in themselves are fine but limiting and show one aspect of the God form that is TYR, to these I would also like to add some other ideas for use (although these are also limiting).

    1. The god as divine mediator where more than one god form are used or worshipped.
    2. In rites of personal sacrifice, bodily adornment or scarification (where ritual is involved, even if this is only known to the operator).
    3. The God as Teacher or mentor in learning of a structured or intellectual nature and in the answering of questions of a specific nature where straight answers are sought.
    4. Rites of a nature where the aspirant seeks to raise their perceived position in life or affect the way others look upon or treat the operator (achieved outcome may require greater sacrifice than some may be willing to give).
    5. The God as divine physician/healer, particularly when there is a perceived or actual injustice that has caused or is the affliction (this is for the operator to decide and may form part of the petitioning of the god).
    6. The god may be invoked prior to the evocation of demons or spirits of a mischievous nature where an ordered mind and ritual may be called for and to help prevent obsession or possession of the operator.

    The Ritual

    It is advisable that in all possession workings the operator performs at least a banishing ritual i.e.

      All God form of the Hammer banishing. (see Nine Doors of Midgard, E. Thorsson)
      The I.O.T. G.P.R.

    The operator should begin by performing the stadgaldr for the Tiwaz rune. Intone the rune three times while holding the runic position for Tiwaz.

    The operator should then perform the three invocatory passages below until the operator feels fully possessed by the god Tyr.


    Hail to thee great Tyr,
    King of kings, lord of lords,
    Giver of law, wielder of the measure,
    We ask you to fill this worthy body
    To possess and control this thy servant,
    for the great task of justice ahead,
    fill him with your might and courage,
    let this injustice end,
    strike down this wrong that fills our friends,
    let the judgement be made,
    let the might of your single arm prevail as right is won and justice done.

    (Vibrate 3 times) T-I-W-A-Z (using stance)

    Tyr, we call upon you
    you who was called the irmin got
    you who was the waltant got
    you who are the star
    you who are the warder of heavens realms
    you who are the warder of man
    we call upon you on this fair day
    to live and breathe in this fair form
    for the time has come for you to act
    to free mankind, to free your kinsmen
    from the chains that bind
    and the ills that strike down the warriors bold
    be here now, your might prevail!
    Tiwaz! Tiwaz! Tiwaz!
    Tyr, God of war
    Tyr, Strong and noble Lord
    Tyr, wolfs bane
    Tyr, who lost his hand in sacrifice
    come, come now fill these bones
    move this body
    you who feared not the wolf
    you were the bravest of them all
    fill this mind with victory to come
    Tyr, ruler of the temple
    Tyr, God of justice
    Tyr, warlord God of truth
    call up your warriors, draw your mighty sword
    the time for battle is upon us
    come, come, strike true
    smite our enemies
    your kin call upon you.