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Liber Sammael

The discovery of the Outer-Aeon, symbolised by Ma’at, Goddess of Truth, is fundamental in understanding the concept of Chaos. The perception of Ma’at is an accelerated evolutionary progression in human consciousness that recognises the mutibility of Time and the reality of non-spatial existence. Ma’at is return to Truth in the sense that the ability to judge is inferred by the death of the ego.

The dissolving of sequential time on an Aeonic scale approximates a logicalised vision of Chaos. Truth is experience of Being when the mask of personality slips to reveal the Eternity beyond incarnate form. That which is Eternal is ‘Dead’ and exists beyond Time in the logiac approximation of Chaos: The Abyss, Da’ath.

This underworld (or Collective Unconsciousness) is where symbolic reference to Chaos is made. Monsters of composite form (Titans) symbolise the raw power of chaos and enable the adept sorcerer/magician to experience and manipulate vast primal energies. The outer edges of Being are exploited, in order to create incarnate desires. The closest approximations of Chaos appear monstrous and primal because mundane consciousness attempts to hide them from us. At the dawn of human awareness such images, now popularly believed to be evil, had no moral association whatever and represented a way of focusing the mind in order to evoke magical energy. The Ancients had a far less abstract idea of their gods than many have realised; they were representative of archetypal principles of observed physiological effects and conditions(1) - the most powerful of these being symbolised by composite animal forms associated with ruthlessness, cunning and threatening power: the more powerful the sigil-image, the more effective the magical result. The only evil in the use of such an image is the psychological reaction of fear which causes the Titan or demon to be exteriorized. The lore of demons has increased throughout history due to such exteriorizations whereby the entity has become autonomous and preyed upon the psychic energy of the failed sorcerer, sometimes gathering enough power to maintain its existence, resulting in the destruction of the avatar’s mind and body. This is not Evil in any real sense as Brother R.B.B. of Dewsbury implies when he writes:

"I am …cautious when dealing with Titanic forces as the systems they have power over do not comply the organisation conducive to our nature in forms. We are synthetic and they are original and primitive as well as essential in cosmic creation. Like a footprint in snow, it cannot have any regard to what is below it."(2)

The metamorphic manipulation of Typhonian force is therefore extremely dangerous, but provided the magician is well protected by some chosen method of psychological defence these awesome sigil-creations can be used to permanently alter consciousness and give birth to specific desires. However, the invokation of such chaotic force is a very difficult task to perform as the conscious mind repels association with death-energy in whatever form it takes. The most profitable methods therefore are taught in the paths of Tantra and Laya Yoga: Left-Hand path cults of psychosexuality.(3)

Briefly, these practices involve the union of illusionary opposites (Shiva and Shakti) in order to achieve the Higher Consciousness of samadhi in gyander form (Tantra). Laya Yoga concentrates on the creative Shakti (female) force by the invokation of Kundalini, the cosmic fire-energy that ascends the spine through points of psychic power (chakras) orgasming upon contact with the highest point (Sahasrara) infusing the magician with magical energy. This magical energy can be attained in some form by any sexual activity directed toward achieving Higher Consciousness via ritualised concentration. Sexual methods are more profitable due to the overriding power of orgasm that negates the personality and reveals functioning Being-in-Eternity, which is conceptless. This existence is Higher Consciousness, but it remains aimless until it is fused with some focused concept. Obviously, the strength and the duration of the orgasm dictates the result of the ritual, therefore prolonged orgasm by use of Sex-Yoga methods strengthens the available power, provided the mind is focused in trance, enabling the desire to be fulfilled to incarnate.

The link between Sex and Death is forged here in the imagery of the Eternal principle of the Guardian Angel or True Self: Death-in-Life (ego death) has to be experienced through sexually-directed meditation in order to attain this mighty revelation, and the initiation is so filled with horror and desolation that it has caused a huge gulf in consciousness to evolve. This has been called the Abyss (Hell) and its principal deity is Satan (Set, the Beast) whose only doctrinal instruction is KNOW THYSELF. This initially simple-sounding advice is in fact so vastly convoluted that it has confounded mankind for millenia.

Opposition to such unsympathetic, but essential doctrine is inevitable and has been represented in the guise of many paternal religious systems, particularly Christianity which venerates the principle of unquestioning faith. Satan is of course, the Question(4) and being so, represents that which is common in us all, the sexual nature (beast) and the Higher Consciousness (True Self).

The unification of these Eternal Principles result in the symbolic recognition of Truth as Chaos, which is Satan to us because it is the source of the Answer to the Question and paradoxically, Not, as it cannot be perceived in real terms by the ordered mind. Therefore a link must be forged through Sex-Death trance magick, in order to become the Avatar of Chaos-force, represented by the Hidden One Satan in the guise of the archetypal Guardian of the Abyss, Samael: the key to non-spatial existence (Ma’at).


In March 1985 I performed a ritual which used chaos-force attempting to sentiatize a sigilised desire in the form of a succubus or shadow-woman.(5) The Dream-Coition which followed resulted in prolonged ecstasy and reification of the sigil which was then sent into the void. The form taken was symbolic of the desire to contact and converse with Higher Consciousness (Set). A short time after this event I received a communication during an automatic writing experiment that gave a design and a series of similar names: ZOMOZ, ZOMOS, ZAMOAS, ZAMOZ and ZAMOAY. I recognise these as being the names of just one entity which I saw as a winged creature. As trance work progressed this totem appeared regularly in the form of a huge raven, a black dragon or a horned humanoid. I began to see the possibility that the entity was an expression of Higher Consciousness and investigated by gematria (simple method).(6)

ZOMOZ = 66 (number of Nu and The Great Work)

ZOMOS = 359 (number of Shaitan)

66+359=4+2+5 = 11 (number of magick)

Since the power of the trances were convincing I decided that I need not investigate any further; the above relationships bore out an already accepted hypothesis. The following weeks were fruitful and I was instructed about personal talismans via pictorial imagery which emanated from the raven form. A particularly striking communication resulted in the receiving of a word: DEODÉMUM.

Consulting a popular Latin Dictionary I found that the word seemed to have no precise meaning and I considered it to be technical in some sense. Analysis of the word provides this interpretation:

Deo = ‘Un’ or Down

Démum = Time

Dé = Out of…

As Deadémum - Dea = Goddess.

A message was implied in the communication, and therefore I considered that this was to come OUT OF TIME, DOWN FROM TIME or from the GODDESS (OUT) OF TIME as the word Deodémum suggested.

When this message arrived, I could not have been more surprised by the medium in which it was conveyed. An unitiated friend, named Dale Goodman, received it in an automatic writing experiment - a phenomena in which he had become interested, but had attempted only a few times previously, with negligable results. The startling nature of this event cannot be played down. The medium had absolutely no knowledge of the concepts in the communication. The DEODÉMUM message was written in the form of a complex ritual. The language used, as can be seen, is Latin (or pseudo-latin).

Alre de Vide
en ust valis
de dula or-um
est hedom.


Alre (on high) de (from) Vide (command), en (come) ust (cremator) Valis (be) coanilus (ancient woman) du la (inhale ceremoniously and lioness) or (speak) um (ingestion of liquid) hedom (expression of delight).(7)

Paraphrase (invocation/working ritual):

"Ancient woman from on High, O cremator of Being, Come! Command! I await your word!"

The priestess uses pranayama to invoke the lioness, Sekhmet (Shakti) through arousal of sex-energy and fluids, the ingestation of which produce delight (union) - the oracle of the goddess.

Significance of the words: CREMATOR is a term used for the intense sexual heat symbolised by the Goddess Sekhmet, who burns out the ego with orgasmic force. The LIONESS is a form of this deity worshipped in Ancient Egypt as an ANCIENT WOMAN or the goddess-mother-principle creative force of Shakti. All this suggests the sexual nature of the ritual which is a symbolic method of raising kundalini power.

Sometime after this, a further trance communication revealed the importance of the phrase OR-UM and its connection with the occult concept of Gold. The true latin word is AURUM (Gold) but the spelling expressed in the ritual indicates further significance in relation to the Shakti force.

In OUTSIDE THE CIRCLES OF TIME, Kenneth grant relates the symbol of Gold with the physiological state necessary for the invocation of Ma’at, particularly in this sexual form as Sekhmet:

"The Aeons of Set-Horus and of Ma’at are symbolised by the lioness Sekhmet who typified in Egypt the heat of sexual passion and the fire of strong drink…"

("Ingestion of liquid - Expressing delight")

However, considering the specific interpretation of the word we may conclude that the liquid ingested here is that the sexual fluids. In THE MAGICAL REVIVAL Grant tells us:

"Red, Black, Gold, are equivalent terms. The menstruum or vehicle of light (Gold) on the physical plane is blood, the liquid source of manifestation."

From this we can recognise that the operative success of the ritual depends on the Time (kala) of periodic menstruation. In this sense it is a work of materialisation linked to the moon and the twenty-sixth tunnel of Set: A’ano’nin, the path of the Devil or Double.(8) This suggests a direct method of invoking Higher Consciousness or True Self as the materialisation of Satanic Consciousness reified through the union of illusionary opposites. A conceptualised form of Chaos is perceived in the invokation of this Guardian Angel by the raising of Shakti.

Impelled by further events around this period I decided to investigate the names of the winged deity and discovered the information which led to the current hypothesis. Analysis by Gematria revealed the name ZAMOAY = 65. Added to ZOMOZ (66) this gave 131(8) - the number of Samael. At first this did not seem especially significant until I studied Gustave Davidson’s DICTIONARY OF ANGELS which features a description of the angel ZAMOL, defining it as a form of Samael. This immediately struck me because I realised that the design I had drawn in the first automatic writing communication was a representation of this sigil in reverse:

sam1.gif (2508 bytes) sam2.gif (1824 bytes)
The Sigil of Sammael Automatism

I consider the above to indicate some contact with Higher Being and the ritual message to be the form and method for invoking the forces of Chaos in the guise of the Guardian Angel, symbolised by Samael the initiator. This working must be performed at the eclipse of the moon; the period of the Red elixir (Gold)(9) when the forces of Sekhmet may manifest to reify the desire of the True Self.

As Guardian of the Abyss, the Titan Samael is the manifestation of Androgynous Being. He is the archetype of the Holy Guardian Angel, the emissary of Set in the sense that he guards the threshold to Chaos and His knowledge opens the Pit of initiation. His invokation formula is Sex-Death as typified here, and this is the only known process of becoming his living Avatar. Like Aiwass (of whom he is a form), he is the "Minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat" (satan), the messenger of the Hidden One and as such the key to the ultimate power of Chaos: realisation of Truth beyond form and space; the acceleration of evolutionary consciousness; the ability to create incarnate desires.


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