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Gnikrap Spirit


Procuring a parking place for your automobile in crowded urban


GNIKRAP appears as a large "globe" of eyeballs for a head, all looking
outward, atop a small stick-figured body with suckered hands and feet. It
measures about 12 inches tall.


A circle enclosing two dashes which touch the outer edge of the circle,
with an arrow pointing up from below at the space between the dashes.


GNIKRAP is meant to ride atop the roof of your automobile, rotating it's
bublous head in all directions, searching for a parking space. A physical
basis can be prepared that consists of (or is mounted on) a fair-sized
suction cup that can be stuck to the car roof when needed.

Affix the basis on the car hood, strongly visualizing GNIKRAP searching
with it's all-seeing eyes for that blessed piece of real estate. As you
drive let your intuition, sparked by GNIKRAPs aetheric link, determine the
turns you will take in your search.

When the parking space is found, it is wise to toss a few coins in the
glove box of the car, and periodically given away to someone homeless, who
wish they had a parking space. Or even a car.


GNIKRAP was developed during a Chaos Magic group workshop at the 1997
Pantheacon Convention in San Francisco.

It has proven to be a MOST useful servitor, highly effective even in one
of the most crowded urban traffic environments in the USA.

Any reports of workings or sightings can be sent to: