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Hunter-Seeker-Killer Servitor


This paper contains details of a series of operations to create a Servitor for Magical Combat. The Servitor was conceived of whilst I was in a rather paranoid frame of mind, and so the task of the Servitor was to automatically detect 'gossip,' identify the source of the gossip, and launch an effective magical attack on the perpetrator. Although the Servitor HSK was never fully completed - I found a more effective way of dealing with gossip and my reaction to it [see essay on GoHu Servitor], my preliminary research into the requirements for creating/activating HSK did yield for me some interesting ideas. HSK was visualised to be a large, tubular entity, capable of detecting gossip on the astral plane and firing a specially-generated 'child' servitor in the direction of the source.

Visualisation for the 'child' Hunter-Seeker's instructions code is

1.Warhead - Thurisaz: punches hole through individuals' bioaura - acting like a shaped-charge.

2.Chains - Nauthiz: chains fly out (a la Hellraiser) and 'bind' individual.

3. Ice - Ice forms around individual and freezes them into to stasis. This also prevents any 'backlash' effect.

4. 2nd Warhead - Hagalaz (hail) effectively a 'backlash' effect.

I would like the recipients of this system to become identifiable to me in some way.

Suggest Code sequence in Barbaric?

Main Servitor can be designed on the Aetheric with visualisation sequences: it should be able to pick up gossip, home in on source itself, and launch it's attack component. After which it should return to dormant period.


Following discussion w. Frater Norvegicus, I have made some modifications to the design of the 'Child':

1. The outer shell of the child will reflect 'inspirational' ideas/feelings - a sudden 'flash' of insight or intuition. The shell's fabric will be woven from Mercurial/Jupiterean information - electric blue in colour, & resonating with images relating to illumination.

In this way, the reception of a child by its target should not be perceived as a threat, but as something positive - an illumination or a new idea, perhaps.

The child impacts at the level of latent information processing and dissipates, revealing:

2. Ego-tickler - a surge of ego-strengthening images. A release of energy mimicking the adrenaline rush experienced when a good idea is 'realised'.

3. The T-N-I-H sequence is replaced by: Viral Servitors: Replication rate: 2/minute

Programme - seek out weak spots in target's psychodynamic matrix and exploit - behaviour/attitudes/emotions/psychosomatic problems.

4. The final stage of the child is the 'broadcast' larval entity which alters the target's information field to broadcast subliminal images of a plague carrier.

These modifications will of course, necessitate a period of testing of the Child-missile itself. I have modified my astral Star Chamber for such testing, and will carry out preliminary tests using 'dummy' missiles which only contain the 'inspiration' charge itself. I will use this on various colleagues to see if a response is provoked.

Another point which was raised in discussion was the Parent's own defensive capabilities. A number of suggestions were raised, such as loading it with a synthetic image of its creator, to make traces difficult.


Last night (about 03.00 am) I entered 'The Star Chamber' for the first time this year, visualising a deosil-whirling Chaos-Star as the entry code. I found the Star Chamber to be drifting in the near vicinity of Tau Ceti. I activated the control column and the chamber's shell became opaque. I drew a comfortable chair up from the floor beneath me, and changed the control column into a computer keyboard, and fitted a direct neural interface tiara across my forehead. I then proceeded to build up a Servitor Creation Box - in the form of a transparent crystalline bubble, in front of me. The console and bubble will form the basic set-up for the creation/birth of HSK. My next session will deal will with charging the bubble with a ball of chaotic bio-plasma.



I have since alpha-tested this concept, by launching a a 'blank' HSK entity at Fra. Norvegicus - the object of the 'attack' being for the subject to "suddenly have a very good idea" - i.e. the 'inspiration' charge mentioned above. A report of this working is given in the first proceedings report of the Servitor Development Initiative (S.D.I) Conclave.

The GoHu Servitor creation process is described elsewhere, but I basically decided that if people are going to talk about me, then they are, after all, 'feeding me power' - so GoHu was created to encourage rumours and actually stimulate the production of new ones.