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A general-purpose servitor

This working uses the underlying theme of the 8 'rays' of the Chaosphere, i.e:

  1. Pure Magick,
  2. Death Magick,
  3. Wealth Magick,
  4. Love Magick,
  5. Ego Magick,
  6. Sex Magick,
  7. Thought Magick,
  8. War Magick.

Each Participant is assigned one of the above rays, which they will 'invoke' during the ritual.


"It is Our Will to Invoke the Powers of Magick in order to Create an Entity to serve us - as a group, and individually."

2. Group stand in a circle, with MT in the center. Following Statement of Intent, rite begins with a few 'rounds' - each person declaims their ray, in turn. This can be modified, according to desire of MT.

3. MT points at one person in circle, who proceeds to summon the power of their ray. Following brief declamation, this person hurls the ray (with appropriate gesture) back to the MT. The person who has thus invoked the force of their 'ray' crosses their arms across their chest.

MT then, after a pause, hurls that power to another person, who in turn invokes their own ray, and sends it back to the MT. MT continues to hurl power back and forth across the circle until all rays have been invoked. (see note 1)

4. MT then forms 3-d Chaosphere in space above circle, declaiming a litany to begin to shape the Entity. Each participant, at this point, begins to spin slowly widdershins, each chanting their assigned ray, and visualizing the Chaosphere above them, glowing with the appropriate colour, and relevant images appearing within its form.

5. MT gives signal and all cease to spin.

6. MT begins programming sequence:

"..(name of Entity).." we have given you the powers of PURE MAGICK" (all repeat "PURE MAGICK").

Continues with: War Magick, Thought Magick, Sex Magick, Ego Magick, Love Magick, Wealth Magick, Death Magick.

7. MT speaks thus: "....(name).." We further entreat you to look upon us & know that we, and we alone, have the power to call you and bind you to our will.

Know that we give you any shape, power, or attribute that will enable you to carry out any task. Know that we give you the ability to divide yourself, that you may perform many tasks atonce. Such is Our Will

(All repeat - "Such is Our Will")

8. "...(name).." By this sign We bind you and give you form.

MT gives sign.

9. MT begins countdown from 10 1.

With each numbers' passing, group chant name of Entity whilst dancing widdershins.

After count of "1" is passed, MT shouts "(name) THUS YOU ARE MADE", and all collapse.

Banishing - GBR.


1 - this technique is known as 'Flashing Power'

2 - General Suggestion for Invoking Power of Ray - Participant Visualizes shaft of Light coming down into themselves, charging them with energy, and visualizes over their bodies, the appropriate Planetary Glyph. Also, appropriate Images(i.e. entities) may be Visualized, and examples of the participant effectively performing tasks which relate to that Ray - i.e. THOUGHT MAGICK - Speaking decisively on the Telephone, Writing off a Job Application, clinching a successful deal, etc.

3. For further Information, See LIBER KAOS by Pete Carroll.

4. The Servitor is to remain mobile on the Astral Plane. It's name can be used to Summon it, and the Sign drawn before it gives added authority to the conjuration.

5. The basic Form of the Servitor is the 8-rayed Chaosphere. However, it may be given any form, if that is deemed suitable for the task in hand.

6. The Servitor can divide itself, amoeba-like, into a number of substrates equal to the members of the group. Each substrate is a holographic shard, containing all the abilities of the whole entity.

Tested: 23/05/93

The Servitor was named STAZILOXED (pronounced Staz-Il-Oxed) and used in one Group Healing Working on two absent members of the group. This was effective in the case of one member, who made an abrupt recovery from a heavy bout of influenza, within 24 hours of the working.