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Functional Spirits

This is a simple, effective approach to creating and using Spirit-Helpers. It does not require any ritual trappings, paraphernalia, or special knowledge of magical systems.

So how does it work? I can best illustrate this with an example: GOFLOWOLFOG

The Spirit GOFLOWOLFOG was created at a magical workshop in London. The aim of the workshop was to explore different approaches to the technique of Evocation. Since everyone who attended that evening experienced traffic problems of one kind or another, we decided to create a Spirit who's 'sphere of influence was easing traffic flow.


We decided that the 'name' of the Spirit would, in some way, reflect its purpose. Eventually we narrowed the essence of it's nature to be GO FLOW. This was mirrored to give the name GOFLOWOLFOG - which sounds suitably 'magical'.


After brainstorming several ideas, the shape which struck us as the most suitable was that of a 'cool' Cat (wearing shades & a medallion), riding a skateboard. This is very much in keeping with the rather incongruous images of 'spirits' in grimoires such as the Lesser Key of Solomon.



We decided that GOFLOWOLFOG would be cool, relaxed, stylish and generally unflappable.


Since not everyone has the complete gear to summon goetic spirits when they're stuck in a four-mile tailback on the London orbital motorway, we decided not to bother with all that stuff. Whenever you are in a situation relating to 'blocked traffic', be it cars, people in queues, halted subway trains, etc. - these are appropriate times to 'summon' GOWFLOWOLFOG.

You can summon him by trying to take on his characteristics - relaxing, fantasising that you're 'cool', and letting go of your frustration momentarily. Visualise him zipping along on his skateboard, accompanied by a slight breeze and his Mantra: "Neeeoooow".

If GOFLOWOLFOG should turn up and ease your traffic problem, it is only manners to give him an 'offering' in return. The two most satisfactory offerings we decided on were (a) Being kind to the next cat you meet, or (b) letting someone go in front of you - be it a car driver trying to get out of a side-road, or stepping back to let someone get past you in the supermarket.

This spirit also has a 'sigil' - 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions within a circle. This can be placed on cars, skateboards, cycles etc. to draw the favour of the spirit.

And that's the basic of the technique! Spirits which have a direct sphere of influence over aspects of 20th Century life, and don't need any ritual fedaddle or bloody sacrifice to appease, which can be used by anyone, regardless of magical background or inclination.