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Eureka Reports

Eureka was the name of an Octarine Servitor I created in 1992 to act as an ideas-generator & 'third-mind' relating to 5th Aeon magical transmissions.These two reports detail it's creation, usage, and decommissioning.


1992 Chaos Seminar, Austria


Humanity stands upon the brink of a new phase of development, which we have come to understand as the Fifth Aeon. The IOT Pact is the Magical Organisation which is actively seeking to infuse the energies of the Fifth Aeon into Human culture. To do this however, we must develop new approaches to thinking, to problem solving, and be prepared to consider ideas which at first, might seem bizarre, threatening, or contrary to our existing patterns of thought.

The purpose of this working is to open a channel to the influx of Fifth Aeon possibilities via the Evocation & Creation of an Octarine Servitor.

The Servitor acts as a satellite, placed on the edge of what can loosely be described as "the sea of possibilities" - the Chaos of unformed possibilities. It acts to gather in these possibilities, and, upon activation, transmits them to us using a controlled beam of Octarine energy. These possibilites manifest in our brains as new ideas, new connections made between existing ideas and patterns, and the willingness to consider new ideas without supressing them or rejecting them, before they have had chance to develop.

In this example, the Servitor's 'Name' and Activation Command were the same: EU-RE-KA (i.e. the Greek "Eureka" - "I have found it"). Ritual Procedure

  1. Banishing (any preffered)
  2. Statement of Intent
  3. Lightning Flash energising Exercise
  4. 'Airburst' Servitor Creation & Launch Sequence
  5. Laughter Banishing

This Servitor acts to help the user obtain new ideas. To activate, relax, assume a meditative posture, and repeat the Servitor's name (i.e. EU-RE-KA) as a Vibrated Mantra slowly, whilst emptying the mind of other thoughts. When it feels appropriate, cease the mantra, and visualise a burst of Octarine colour behind your eyes. From this point, cease the exercise and go forth.

Once established, the Servitor can be drawn upon for inspiration, making new connections between ideas, lateral thinking, and to block the habitual response of supressing 'new' information because it does not 'fit' existing models or concepts.


I thought it would be pertinent to make some comments as to how Eureka was deployed in the period of its activity....

Eureka was active from Aug 92 to Apr 93. During this period I used Eureka for inspiration in writing (for example my book Prime Chaos), generating new ideas for solo and group magical research, and improving my presentation in giving talks and workshops. I also began to evoke Eureka in creative discussions with other IOT members & other magical colleagues.

Thanks to Sor AK47 of Temple Galafron, Fra Ahperl and I set up an operational paradigm relating to the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions, which became a continual discussion spread over several sessions, aided by various sacraments, and using a tape recorder to 'dump' ideas and developing themes. According to the astrological paradigm we were working in, this phase would be terminated on Apr 22nd 1993. This fact added a sense of urgency & limitation to the outpouring of our creative discussions. During these sessions, Eureka acted as a 'Third Mind', and each creative link we made seemed to boost its power. I had actually forgotten about the Apr 22nd deadline, and it wasn't until I realized that a conversation between myself and Ahperl wasn't cohering in quite the way it could have done, that I realized that Eureka had gone off-line.

In the last 9 months I have found Eureka to be an invaluable aid in creative writing and thinking, and I was at first quite sad that it had ceased to function. As Eureka had accumulated a good deal of power over its use-time, we decided that a decommissioning rite, whereupon Eureka was dispersed in a series of Octarine Illuminations, would be a fitting end to such a useful magical weapon.

Eureka was decommissioned by bringing it 'down' into a low earth orbit, breaking it up into 4 large chunks, which were then directed by 4 groups towards a variety of illuminatory aims - examples being breakthroughs in cheap power, and AIDS research. Finally, a shard of Eureka's octarine matter was lodged in the hearts of all present.