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Working with a Creativity-Entity

An entity created by IOT Temple Galafron in early 93 in synchronicity with the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in 93 was passed on to me in a ritual, during which I had to find a power-word by which I could call the entity later on.

I called upon my Uranus- Neptune entity in all following creative matters:

a) whenever I wanted to do any artwork (drawing, painting, sculpture etc.).

b) to do a lino-cut of the entity himself

c) to do drawings/ portraits/ lino-cuts of Gods, with whom I hadn't had any previous experience.

I did this by using the following approach:

  1. Banishing
  2. Statement of intent: i.e. It is my will to do a lino-cut of ...Legba
  3. Calling upon the entity, calling of entitys name/ invocation of entity
  4. Entity - give me ....Legbas picture.
  5. Doing artwork
  6. Thanking entity and saying good- bye
  7. Closing down

When I was first working with this entity, I called upon him for every little drawing, every artwork I was doing. Then I thanked him and sent him off for the next work. Whenever I worked with my entity, I let him take me over - my doubts about my talent, my fears that I wasn't good/ talented enough, fears that the artwork would not turn out all right were all washed away - the entity was at work and he was a specialist at such things that I wanted, so I did not have to worry and I was completely relaxed. And each time I was pleased with the result. Months passed in which I did occasional artwork. Suddenly I realized that I did not call upon my entity every time anymore, but just got down and did the work myself. While working with the entity that sense of relaxation and self- confidence in my talent and my abilities (which before had been utterly destroyed by my art professors years before and after which I had not done any artwork for a couple of years). I still work with my creativity entity, but only in very specific occasions.


I used the following method to get a picture of how the God/Goddess sees himself/herself:

  1. banishing
  2. S.of.I.: It is my will to invoke .... to paint/draw/carve etc. his/her image
  3. Invocation
  4. Give me your image
  5. artwork
  6. thanking God/Goddess
  7. banishing and closing down

This method works for Planetary Gods as well and is interesting, because the results you get tend to be different from the traditional images. For this it is advisable to think about which techniques to use, that is which technique is ADEQUATE for a specific God/Goddess. I'm not sure what Great Cthulhu would do to lovely pastels or tender water-colours. It could be interesting to find out, but possibly quite expensive for the artist who has to buy a new supply of those colours afterwards. I think it is important for an artist to master as many techniques and styles as possible, to have the broadest range of possibilities of self-expression. Critics might want to imprison you in a certain niche - Impressionist, Expressionist, Vauve - but why not be able to be them all? Use styles and techniques as paradigms, play with them as you please and as it is useful and adequate for your intentions. Master them. Be free. Play.