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Airburst Servitor Launch

This is a simple technique for launching desire-forms such as servitors, and is a variant of the "cone of power" used by witches.

  1. Group all sit in a circle, arms linked, breathing rhythmically & deeply.
  2. Allow a circuit of 'energy' to build up and flow between group members, using any preferred method.
  3. Each member visualises a cord of energy extending from themselves into the centre of the circle.
  4. These cords slowly intertwine to form a column, which rises from the centre of the circle towards the ceiling (if you're in a room that is).
  5. Gradually, the top of the column begins to bulge into a sphere. This sphere draws the rest of the column into itself. The sphere pulses with the combined energy of the group.
  6. At this point, the sphere may be programmed - i.e. via group visualization  or a sigil or glyph within it's depths, use of mantra, etc.
  7. One member of the group then begins a countdown from ten to one - as the countdown proceeds, the group can visualize the sphere pulsating & beating like a heart, perhaps with appropriate colour changes.
  8. At eaching the count of one, all shout "BLAST OFF!" and the sphere shoots off into high speed and all can relax.