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Ritual of Eris esoteric

In 1985 I was living in a communal house on the outskirts of York, studying for a diploma in Occupational Therapy. Although still involved with a Wiccan coven that had been my first major contact with other occultists, I had begun to explore other areas of magic and, after reading the Wilson/Shea "Illuminatus!" trilogy and "Principia Discordia", became intrigued with the possibilities of an Erisian approach to magic. The following ritual was my first attempt in this direction.

The thunderbolt (which became my primary magical tool for the next 8 years or so) was created with the help of Brother R.B.B., and formed from two glass chandelier lustres. This was the first major ritual in which I used the idea for "spiral pentagrams".

In retrospect, this ritual marked a turning point in my magical development — producing "The Stupid Book" (see the e-book, "Apikorsus") which although in some respects was highly derivative of The Book of the Law, was personally significant to me for a number of years — in particular, in making associations between Eris, the Maat Current, the Tarot and Kenneth Grant's "Typhonian" paradigm with which I became enmeshed during the mid to late 1980s. More important though, was the ecstatic experience of the second working, which I feel 'kicked' my magical development into high gear — I was able to recall the 'echoes' of this experience simply by listening to the audio tape of the ritual for several years afterwards.


Set up Altar:

Main Sequence


0. Magical Circle defined by any preferred method

1. Unsealing The Vortices

A. Drawing & visualizing Spiral Pentagram forms at 4 cardinal points.
Vortices are energised using T'ai Chi breathing & 'pushing hands' into form. A shadowy dragon's head may be visualised breathing fire into the circle from within the vortex-tunnel.
Suitable invocations may be given at each quarter.

B. Drawing down the Void.
Magician uses left hand to draw from above down body-line, a descending line with an outwards-developing triple spiral, which is visualized as descending from the axis mundi, and expanding until the final curve encompasses the circle.

He then gives the Litany:

Within — Without
Blasphemer — Devout
Above — Below
I — A — O
Latent, Bearer, Girt with Sword
Boundless Space, Fire-Rimmed Door
I cast the coils of her name about me.

This sequence culminates in the vibration of LAShTAL x 3.

2. Invocations of Eris

Priestess gives first litany:

All the Goddesses are one Goddess and her name is Eris.
She is Chaos. She is the substance from which artists and scientists build rhythms.
She is that which makes children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy.
She is alive and her message is "you are free."
Her name is discord.

Magician: All Hail Discordia!

Priestess: All Hail Discordia!

Magician declaims preliminary invocation of Eris (charging sacrament) [This invocation is from "The Cardinal Rites of Chaos" by Paula Pagani, Sut Anubis Press, 1984]

Eris: Goddess of the Night,
Eris: Portal of the Light,
Eris: Raving Succubus,
Eris: Dea omnibus.
Eris: Phoenix from the Fire,
Eris: Icy heart for hire,
Eris: Draught of languid Air
Eris: Poison, liquid snare,
Eris: Elemental Shrine
Enter us strange concubine
Of man and woman, as this wine
Is consecrated in your name,
Fulfilling now our steadfast aim.

Celebrants share a sip of wine.

Magician gives main invocation whilst maintaining eye contact with Priestess:

Wake! Awake, I see it in your eyes,
The storm is risen,
The sleeping tigress wakes,
You are the all,
Love, life, diviner, death.
Begetter, the giver; swallower,
Who can stand before you?
I surrender. Ia! I kneel,
I am riven, stunned, I am numb.
Come taste the sacrifice!
Here is meat and here is wine,
Am I not thine!
Unbridled furie loose upon the world,
Veil shed, torn, forgotten
Hair flying loose; wild one
Men fear you, we know you
I call you by many names;
Eris, Hecate, Diane and Circe,
Lilith, the Siren, Sekhmet, Kali
Sorceress, Spaewife, Succubus
Sophia, Pythoness, Shakti!
Deliver me, Devour me,
I am emptied, I am filled,
I salute you with sword
Your body cloaked in argent flame,
Here lies the altar,
Devour me in your tongues of fire!

Magician kneels before Priestess — maintaining eye-contact steady.

Whatever occurs next is the result of the union of Magician-Priestess-Eris.

To close the rite, perform any mutual earthings necessary. Drawing standard banishing pentagrams across them may close down the vortices.

Note that the aim here is not to banish the force of Eris but to act as a vehicle for her manifestation.


The first operation

21st September, 1985 — Autumn Equinox
22:30 — 00:20 hrs
Priestess: Circe

During the Unsealing of the Vortices, the glass thunderbolt I was using to project the vortices separated into 2 pieces (which had been been glued together). I experienced a feeling of power surge through me during main invocation. Circe became oracular for about 20 minutes delivering a discourse on the nature of the number 13 (unfortunately this was not recorded). As this progressed I was swept into a vision with auditory resonances, which seemed to go on for ever, but was in reality about 45 mins.

The rite was closed due to exhaustion of both of us — I distinctly remember Circe sat in the centre of the circle, saying, "why's the room spinning round?"

The immediate result of this working was the reception of The Stupid Book whilst waiting at Stockport station, between 3.00pm and 3.25pm the following day.

The second operation

27th September, 1985
11.15-12.55 hrs
Priestess: Errienne

The second operation was set up in a similar manner to the first, with the addition of a cut-up tape that echoed voices whispering "eer-ris" over music as part of the preliminary invocation, and the rite was taped until just after the 2nd invocation.

We both reported perception of astral space 'pulsing' following the unsealing of the vortices, accompanied by a sensation of a tight band around our foreheads. E. reported feeling Eris as "a high-speed force, rushing into my body". Again, mutual eye contact following invocation seemed to contribute to the unfolding of astral visions, and this time, a stronger sense of 'union' with Eris, via the Priestess — but we both reported that this came about as a blending of astral forms, rather than physical union.

Side effects from this working included bouts of 'oceanic bliss' over the next few days, with spontaneous astral visions. It is this working, with hindsight I would say, that triggered the 'turning-point' in my magical development — as it prompted a vision of all the different things I was doing and pursuing suddenly connecting together in ways that I had not perceived before, giving rise to a rush of creative enthusiasm — truly an ecstasy of inspiration!

The third operation

9th April 1987
21.30-23.30 hrs
Priestess: Star

The statement of intent for this operation was given as "the manifestation of the force of Eris as creative chaos and innovation."

Again, following the 'Vortices', I experienced a strong sense of the ritual space as 'junction box' into which 'energies' were pouring. During main invocation, astral vision unfolded strongly until I was having difficulty in making out Star's physical form. "Her eyes were black and full of stars." I saw her as a whirlpool into which my consciousness was drawn — facets of awareness multiplying like beads of water, connected in a whirling dance.

About an hour after the rite, Star reported feeling of "being full of Chi" which lasted until sleep.