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Cthulhu Invocation

"O dark forbidding ocean,
what lies hidden in your depths,
down there beyond the ken of mortal man,
brooding in the everlasting night,
far beyond the realm of sunlight;
there lies a relic of a long-forgotten age,
it crouches, waiting, bides its time,
until it once more bursts forth upon the world.

I have dreamt of that place,
the black barnacled towers and spires,
the black barnacled towers and spires,
the basalt pillars garlanded with seaweed;
a fortress of the deeps, eon-old city of nightmare,
upon whose highest peak there stands a grey colossus,
a huge stone monolith, pitted by the passage of years uncounted.
This titan edifice crowns a crypt,
wherein lies the great priest, mighty Cthulhu,
unstirring in death's dream, until the stars are right,
then he shall rise to haunt the minds of lesser men,
when his citadel is thrown into the waking world that knows him not,
except in far-flung corners of the globe,
where sorcerers and shamans still hold sway,
and when the moon is pale, whisper litanies to his dreaded name."

One of the mythos associations of Cthulhu, the great priest of the Old Ones, is his function as the lord of dreams. When Cthulhu stirs in 'death's dream', the resulting telepathic wave sends a ripple of chaos across the world - the sensitive go insane, and occultists prepare for a portentous event (see Lovecraft's 'The Call of Cthulhu'). The deep ocean, where Cthulhu dreams, within the sunken city of R'Lyeh, can be taken as a reference to the deeps of the psyche - the subconscious or deep mind, within which lie the memories of pre-human stages of life. Note that, of the Great Old Ones, Cthulhu is the mediator between the Earth and human consciousness, and the truly alien star-spawn such as Azathoth or Yog-Sothoth. Cthulhu is a suitable god-form for the stimulation of telepathic 'sendings', and R'Lyeh a 'gateway' to the collective consciousness. This premise was the subject of a series of workings performed between 1979-80, sending a 'vibration' throughout the West Yorkshire region, acting as a kind of psychic telegram to draw other occultists into contact with Fra. Zebulon.


A chamber in total darkness. Audio effects suggested a faint sussurus - a watery whispering. Preparations for the rites included fasting, sleep deprivation and prolonged immersion in cold water. The visualization sequence is as follows: a whirlpool into which one is drawn - moving down through the depths of the ocean, accompanied by a sense of great pressure and the swirling forms of strange deep-sea life forms. Then, in the distance, the dim form of cyclopean buildings can be discerned - the crazy geometry of R'Lyeh. Presently, the great grey monolith which crowns the tomb of Cthulhu can be identified. At this moment, a specially-prepared sigil (the glyph of one's magical intent) is hurled towards the monolith, and for a split-second, it glows brightly against the stone surface. There is an answering rumble from below - R'Lyeh trembles and one is hit by a wave of force and carried at great speed back to the surface and the normal waking state. Cthulhu has stirred, and a brief ripple has nudged your fellow apes - those who are awake to the call will respond in their own time.


1. It is not considered wise to go too close to R'Lyeh itself - treat it as the demon web between human and non-human space, or the Tunnels of Set in Kenneth Grant's Nightside of Eden.

2. R'Lyeh, has recently been identified with Nan-Madol, a ruined stone city consisting of artificial islets on the Pacific island of Ponape. According to local legends, the city "flew down from the sky" and was inhabited by a race of god-beings.

3. Sections of this rite have appeared in The Handbook of Chaos Magic, published in Austria by Fra. 717.