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These downloadable books, essays and other writings are PDF's (Portable Document Format). To view and print them, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Thanks go to a nice chap called Edan who has imposed some of them ready for binding!

Chaos Magic
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Oven-ready Chaos

My first booklet on Chaos Magick, with some additional material that wasn't in the printed version.

English 433 KB PDF PDF
English 54 KB ZIP Palm Pilot (ZIP)

'Knack und Back Chaos' ist mein erstes Werk ueber Chaos Magick, ins Deutsche uebersetzt.

Deutsch 271 KB PDF PDF

Translated into Serbian by Daniel Saric.

Serbian 389 KB PDF PDF


Four essays on very personal aspects of magical work.

English 206 KB PDF PDF
English 158 KB PDF Imposed PDF

Group explorations in ego magic

A Set of Ego Magick Exercises for a group to work through.

English 215 KB PDF PDF

Aspects of Evocation

A Collection of essays dealing with techniques of evocation.

English 362 KB PDF PDF
English 422 KB PDF Imposed PDF


The Lincoln Order Of Neuromancers' chainbook PDF'ed by Borce Gjorgjievski.

English 65 KB PDF PDF

Theatre of Magick

Ray Sherwin's long out-of-print classic from 1982.

English 288 KB PDF PDF

Cthulhu Mythos
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Cults of Cthulhu

H.P Lovecraft and the Occult Tradition - by Fra. Tenenbrous XIII.

English 296 KB PDF PDF

Dagon Rising

An in-depth look at Dagon from Fra. Sadashtor 645.

English 106 KB PDF PDF

Disciple of Dagon

Clark Ashton Smith and the Occult Tradition - by Fra. Tenenbrous XIII.

English 120 KB PDF PDF

Modern Shamanic Techniques trilogy
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Vol I.
Walking between the worlds

English 115 KB PDF PDF
English 189 KB PDF Imposed PDF

Vol II.
Two worlds & inbetween

English 95 KB PDF PDF

Vol III.
Touched by fire

English 333 KB PDF PDF

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First newsletter (and the only one so far) of the London-based Tantric exploration group, The Ganna Chakra.

English 214 KB PDF PDF

Running Magical Workshops

A few random notes & Practical tips on Running Magical Workshops.

English 152 KB PDF PDF