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Pagan News Archive
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Northern Paganlink News

Northern PaganLink News was a free newsletter printed through a variety of dubious means and circulated mostly around the North of England. It became "Pagan News" in September 1988, with a price tag of 30p.


June 88 Issue

Sheila Broun - Viewpoint
News, reviews & letters

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Pagan News


December 88

Magda Graham - the way of the Left Hand Path, Noctilus Elator - The Lightning Flash, Steve Jones - Choosing Your first Tarot Deck, Barry Hairbrush - Delinquent Elementals: is society to blame?
News, reviews & letters

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February 89

Phil Hine - Blow up the future, Eden 230 - Shamanism and Atavistic Resurgence, Feature on Mind Control, Temple of Psychic Youth profile, Mibreshet Shai'ir - Famous Occult Stereotypes
News, reviews & letters

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July 89

Kathy Spurin - Pagan Sexuality, Julian Vayne - Light Breathing, Barry Hairbrush - The Unbelievable, Julian Vayne - Going to the Devil, Occult Census report, Seax-Wicca profile, Mibreshet Shai'ir - Famous Occult Stereotypes
News, reviews & letters

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November 89

Interview with Chris Bray (Phil Hine), John Walbridge - Parlez-vous Androgyne?, Digambaranath - Strutting your stuff, Stephen Mace - Letter from America, Julian Vayne - Wot no Right Hand Path?, Steve Wilson - The Fellowship of Isis, Barry Hairbrush - Privatising the Occult, Mibreshet Shai'ir - Famous Occult Stereotypes
News, reviews & letters

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March-April 90

Phil Hine - Spotlight on the ritual child abuse panic,The Order of the Cubic Stone profiled, Phil Hine - Playmate (fiction)
News, reviews & letters

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May 90

Phil Hine - Spotlight Reachout Report, Barry the Pedant - Pride, Paranoia and Prejuidice, Phil Hine - Spiral Pentagrams, Anthony Rowe- Skywatcher (astrology column), The Green Circle profiled, Familiars: a buyer's guide,
News, reviews & letters




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