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A Tantra of Cruising

Sex-Magic is becoming respectable these days. The New Age has discovered it's sanitized Tantra, and even staid matrons of Albion Occultism are bringing out manuals of purported Transcendental Eroticism. A far cry from days when even the mildest hint of a stiffy in the circle was castigated as completely Qlipothic. Despite such dubious progress the wider taboos remain. Saccharine sexual 'alchemy' is exalted over the quantifiable refinements of Results Sorcery, and the mysticism of copulation is reduced to the harmonies of a loving, committed (married, suburban) heterosexual couple. Rather than seek liberation through the smashing of kleshas, the tantrasters of the pale-green and rainbow variety prefer to bolster the ideal of dedicated life partners who presumably have a mortgage. 2.4 house-apes, vote Liberal Democrat and holistically support eco-issues. All hail the Nuclear-Free Family! In contrast, my own sexual relationships have largely been casual, not to say anonymous; a procession of one-night lovers, friends who fuck and desirable strangers. Out of this I have gained a rather jaded palate, considerable experience of the sexual habits of the gay and not-so-straight male, and an approach to sexual magick resembling that of Crowley's Rex de Arte Regia:

'I was...looking for a soul-mate, a destined bride, an affinity... and should have considered the conditions satisfied by any orifice into which I might plunge my penis..."

This is, of course, reprehensible: not just the disgustingly casual act of seeking sexual gratification whenever the chance arises, but also the dreadful karmic burden of actually using an unknowing person as a magical tool. Why?

Not every sexual sorcerer has a loving and committed partner who shares their magical interests and I for one am not prepared to work solely with auto-erosis, or incubi and succubi (not that I'm knocking it). The flesh is sacramental and sacraments should be partaken of regularly and with devotion. Regarding the 'crime' of using sexual partners unaware of the magical aspects of the act I say this with glad arrogance; ignorance appears to be the chosen state of the majority of homo sapiens. It is therefore lawful for any initiate to use any mehum or cowan for any act of pleasure or profit that he or she can legally get away with in whatever reality zone they currently occupy. Persons with more unusual tastes may find that Tunisia or Thailand would make excellent working sites.

Having said all this, I feel it is wise to introduce a few words of caution to those who would pursue the sexual gnosis in the woody byways and quiet cottages of our fair land. Beware of Rent Boys! One of the tangential tantrums of the present socio-economic system. Many are pitiable, few are desirable and some are dangerous. Work on your danger sense. Many is the time that 1 have escaped discovery, arrest or physical abuse by hearkening to that little inner voice when it says "Danger". like many of these skills it is a knack that you pick up. My advice would be, if it feels wrong, go! Over time one can work on fine-tuning this intuition but in the early stages a simple Safe-unsafe reaction works wonders. A useful magical weapon is an amulet that gives an Astral Alarm. My current favourite is an Eye of Horus badge. periodically charged with sexual fluids. It acts as a very' effective watcher and has steered me away from some dangerous or potentially embarrassing situations.

Condoms and K.Y are a must if you are an eleventh degree merchant but a good stout walking stick is recommended and I am sure that all seasoned monastics of Chaos will be able to devise some novel consecrations for their staff. Most potential troublemakers will be put off by some visible means of defence.

Also, never accept an invitation to go anywhere unless you feel very sure of the invitee. I could continue, but to do so would insult your intelligence, o enlightened reader. With a little common sense and magick a great deal of hassle can be avoided (Fra. B's prescription for a happy life).

At last, the juicy stuff! To be successful, Casual sex Magick should be carried out in a casual spirit. It is counterproductive to prowl around drooling, pockets bulging with sigils and mind dulled with mantras. "A pleasant walk in the woods" is a more fruitful attitude, as is the idea of the "Darkroom" - I'll just pop in and see what develops. Unexpected encounters are best for magical purposes.

Regarding intentions: don't formulate them too precisely. Although the scientific approach may favour clearly defined Statements of Intent I have bund that this can limit the ways in which magick realizes on the mundane level. From my own experience in the past I have found myself enchanting for a specific result - and then failing to recognise or make full use of the alternate routes to he results that have appeared on the sidelines. As a result, I have come to favour the use of general desires such as Wealth, Confidence or Inspiration in order to invoke a Current that can then be tuned in through successive workings. Too great a clarification can restrict the ways in which a desire manifests as well as making it harder to submerge the will in the well of forgetfulness.

If you feel comfortable with unprotected oral sex generally safe, although bleeding gums, ulcers, raw patches or suppurating sores on your partner's genitals do bear watching out for) a handy technique for the establishment of such a current is to perform oral Sex to climax, charging the semen as a sacrament. This can be assisted with a humming mantra which as well as injecting the charge will also help to assure that your half-hour hero gets a gobble to remember. Accepting the semen of a stranger is powerful magick in it's own right. Firstly, there is the aspect of self-humiliation, the act itself is seen by many as being dirty while physically you are kneeling before someone, taking on a role of pure receptor: therefore 'feminine' - and of 'less worth.' There is also the added power-game dimension that, no matter how forceful or dominant the fellatee is, it should never be forgotten that he is placing a precious portion of his anatomy between the teeth of the fellator. Oral games can greatly blur the distinction between top and bottom, playing merry hell with the notion of what sex-roles we appropriate. As a digression I should like to comment that a high percentage of the men I have performed fellatio on have been hetero married men whose wives are unwilling to do this. One side of this is that to the average working class -straight, the gay male is less than human and therefore not a threat (another handy little ego-smashing tip for all us Slut-Mystics). The other side raises the question of whether gay males have a role to play in helping straights to explore aspects of their sexuality that conventional M/F relationships do not provide them with. I know several straight men who enjoy being sodomised but who would tear your face off if you called them gay.

It may seem as though 1 am straying from my main theme but what I am trying to illustrate is that by breaking sex and sex-magick out of the mould of relationships it encourages the awareness of the act itself and how it transcends commonplace notions of sex-role. Here I begin moving into the realm of Klesha Smashing. Revulsion and Ego are especially attacked. The fact that one's partner is a stranger makes it all the more likely that they will ask or beg for the performance of an act alien to one's own perceived nature. It is of course permissible to refuse although not always wise and besides, taking on an unfamiliar or "unacceptable" sex-role is a profoundly illuminatory act. One's sex-role is often the most cherished part of the ego - especially for many in the gay community. Challenging sex-role strikes at the root of the Colonial Ego and is a potent encourager to change and reassessment of Who/What am I/We.

As an illustration I would like to quote an example from my own endless fund of sexual anecdotes. Some years ago 1 met a young man who was roaming rather aimlessly in an Edinburgh cruising ground. Once in the back of his van with the preliminaries under way he began to blurt out how when he was 15 and in the Army Cadets his instructor had tried to fuck him. He was now absolutely desperate to be fucked properly (I should add that he was wedded, had two children and considered himself utterly straight). As my primary sex-role at the time was exclusively bottom 1 tried to excuse myself. In response he became highly verbally abusive and literally forced me to sodomise him. I felt myself to be repulsed and degraded by the act but, while going over it in later masturbatory fantasy found that I was becoming more and more aroused by the idea of it. The repulsion still remains. I do not like being the active partner but taking on that role creates an entirely new set if impulses and attitudes relating to confidence. aggression, the entire spectrum of Martial rather than Venusian or Dionysiac imprints.

Dealing with revulsion/repulsion can be harder. Casual sex is often dehumanising. This is certainly one of the criticisms I have heard leveled against it. On one level it is an animalistic act. the relief of sexual pleasure by any means necessary. On another level it is a form of objectification - becoming a receptacle for the lusts of another.

Breaking out of the limitations of humanity in an uncertain and possibly dangerous environment develops a high degree of inner tension regarding the ways in which one defines one's self and life events. The cultivation of conscious self-disgust in some areas of the personality evokes a counter-reaction towards greater "purity" and clarity of impulse and desire, encouraging the acceptance of the multiplicity of personality. Try playing the game of being Saint/Sinner, Puritan/Libertine, and see what it tells you regarding your attitudes towards the extremes of indulgence and ascesis.

Regarding forgetfulness: if a magical intention is associated with a partner in an ongoing relationship it can make it extremely difficult to entirely disassociate that desire from the conscious mind. There are various effective ways to handle this but when the partner is a casual pickup it is relatively easy to let lust of result leave with the lover. This is enhanced if the assignation is a chance or unexpected one, further supporting Spare's mentality of "Does not matter, need not be."

Beware of obsession. When an act ceases to be sought out of pleasure and becomes an addictive need the current is misapplied.

Self Abasement and prostitution should be sought only as means of breaking down obstacles of conditioning and environment leading to expansion and development ol the magician. It is very easy, especially if one has a poor self-image, for this form of sexual expression to become a pathological negative reinforcement. One can observe this in those sad old men of all ages who hang around like the spectre at the feast hoping to obtain some gratification by intruding upon or observing the copulations of others. Crowley recommended that every sex act, no matter how casual. should be a magical operation, and I would recommend a similar state of mind coupled with judicious periods of abstinence and temperance; nor should such a style of working be used as an excuse for not forming magieal and non-magical relationships on the sexual. emotional and intellectual levels.

This is just a rough outline of ideas on Casual Sex-Magic that I have been gradually drawing together. I would welcome any and all feedback on these and associated ideas for further development.

Further Reading:

Tantra Magick, AMOOKOS, Mandrake of Oxford Press

Rex De Arte Regia, Aleister Crowley

Meat Rack, John Dagion (Ed) - and other volumes in the T*R*A*S*H series from Leyland Publications, available from most gay bookstores.