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Quartz Crystals & Sex Magick Dream Techniques

I am a sex magician. I have been consciously working dream phantasy actualization through VIII° (masturbatory) Magick1 over the past three decades. I have found crystals to be an excellent adjunct to all forms of sex magick. If you are not already using the energy of your sexuality as a magickal tool, dream reification is a pleasant and easy way to begin. But, proceed with an understanding/acceptance that dreams invoke reality. So do phantasies. The explosiveness of orgasm thrusts phantasy into the collective unconscious to speed its reification. In this sort of working, crystals act like programmable beacons which embody the Will of the magician while s/he is busy spacing out on the ecstasy circuit. Be careful2 of the energies you invoke, for they will reify.

Set aside at least 72 consecutive hours for this mini-Magickal retirement. Ideally, you should be well-rested, free from stress, and very But things are seldom ideal if you live/work/play in the real world. Of these considerations, I have found that the ability to set-aside a continuous of time is the most important.

Go to sleep with your crystal in your passive3 hand. When you awaken from a dream in an aroused state, use your crystal to assist yourself in remembering your dream. Then transfer your crystal back into your passive hand, and masturbate yourself to orgasm, using imagery from your dream. Anoint your dream crystal with your sexual fluids.4 Lick some of your sexual elixir from the crystal and return to sleep. I find it very useful to keep one thumb in good contact with the crystal’s major sloping facet at all phases of this operation.

Do not break focus to write down any dreams at this point. Continue this procedure all night long, as often as possible. This may take some practice, particularly if you do not usually masturbate so frequently. When you have tapped-into your sexual current, this procedure will enable you to ride wave upon wave of orgasm throughout your dreams. The individual dreams may weave themselves together, exposing glimpses of the fabric of your dreamworld. Explore your dreamworld and sculpt it to fit your vision of reality.

When sleep and/or orgasm are no longer possible, soak your crystal in a glass of clean, cool tap water while you shower or bathe. Drink half of this potion. Reserve the balance of your orgasmic crystal water in a tightly covered glass or plastic container under a copper pyramid (or in the refrigerator).

Immediately upon drinking your orgasmic crystal water, begin to write up your dreams and/or your sexual phanzasies. If all is going well, your dreams and phantasies will have a common thread or be congruent. Seek out glitches, weak spots in your dream reality, or ways in which you would like to alter your dreams. Seek for ways to weave individual dream segments into a larger richer dreamscape. While keeping your crystal in your active hand, enter your dream consciously. Use astral projection, or phantasy and daydreams. Edit the fabric of the dream reality. Write up an edited dream and destroy the original dream memory.

Take a break. Go for a walk and/or get some food. Visit with friends. Then, begin a new dream cycle. Just before retiring, drink half of the remaining orgasmic crystal water to seed your dreams. In the morning, add your newly created orgasmic crystal water to that which remains of the previous batch, before drinking your morning allotment. Keep adding each day’s fresh crystal washings to the previous batch and drinking from the blended elixir until you are ready to end the Working.

During your Working, examine your dream patterns carefully. Weave each new dream into the fabric of your previous dreams and edit them to remove glitches and episodes which it is not your Will to reify.

At the end of your Working, examine your dream record. Weigh it carefully in your mind. If you deem that such phantasies are not up to your standards as a creator, drink the remaining orgasmic crystal water and sleep for a few days without consciously working any dream magick. Meditate upon your tutelary deity.

If, on the other hand, you feel that your dreams are ready for reification, take the remaining orgasmic crystal water to a lake, stream, or reservoir and pour it into the water, while focusing your intentionality on seeding the dreams and realities of all who drink that water. I have found it useful to publish my successful dream workings (perhaps as fiction),5 or create some form of Art (poetry, music, bumper stickers, etc.) based upon what it is I am seeking to reify, so that others can tap into its imagery and/or essence.


Crystals, particularly when combined with sex magick, are potent catalysts for helping magicians to get to know one another. Here is a technique which I have been using for awhile. I designed this method to create a 2nd chakra dream gateway6 between myself and another mage whom I was courting. It should work between any magi, so long as there is no antipathy towards a 2nd chakra connection. Modify it as you will.

Select a crystal which you have not worked with extensively.7 Sleep with it (for a night or two), consecrating it with your VIII° elixirs. Then fix the vibration of the crystal with fire (see below for details). Give your crystal to him/her with whom you seek to open-up a dream gateway. Such gateways are far more effective if your friend/lover gives you a similarly prepared crystal in return.

To experience the energy of your friend/lover in meditation or dream, simply use the crystal you received from him/her as though it were your own dream crystal, with one major exception. Cleanse the crystal with salt water before and after each use.8 The crystal has already been fixed, so it will always retain the vibration which your friend/lover impressed upon it. Cleansing removes all of your vibrations (pre-conceived notions about him/her, desire, etc.) so that you can tune yourself to experiencing your friend/lover directly—far more directly than most people are able to experience by using their waking consciousness and rational mind.

Some people like to synchronize their workings and then compare notes as to the success or failure of the dream link. These sorts of experiments may encourage Lust of Result and pre-dispose the experiment to failure. I prefer to be as spontaneous in my workings as possible. By going with the flow (rather than attempting to impose my desires upon it), I am more likely to gain deep (non-judgmental) insights into the personality of s/he who sent me the crystal.


Fixing transfers all temporary information within a crystal to permanent storage within Gaia’s archives, thus making it a permanent9 part of that crystal’s personal character and knowledge base. Fixing builds upon a crystal’s inherent nature, thus triggering/speeding its evolution.

I fix crystals which I give to friends as dream gateways. I also fix crystals to commemorate magickal events. Every so often I transfer all of what I know/feel about consciousness into a crystal, then fix it and bury it under a small stone obelisk in a state park for someone else to find.

Find a place which feels right for ritual. My preference is for a place where I will not be disturbed when I work late at night. Build a medium-sized tire out of substances in your natural environment.10 As you build your fire, meditate on the essence of fire.

Take out the crystals you have brought with you. I like to have at least 2 crystals with me for this ritual—the crystal which I am going to fix, and one who will act as an Observer/Witness, to record the ritual itself. If I am going to fix more than one crystal, a single observer crystal suffices for the whole batch. Sit down near the fire. Hold the witness crystal in your active hand and the crystal you will be fixing in your passive hand. Stare at the flames and relax. Lose yourself in your fire. When you are calm and serene, begin to think about what you are working to accomplish. Think about what you are fixing into your crystal. Allow random images to float before your mind’s eye. Keep staring at the flames. Put the witness crystal down.

Roll the crystal you are fixing between your palms. Hold your hands near the fire. If your hands become sweaty, imagine the crystal drinking-up the moisture. Allow/encourage your consciousness to flow into the crystal along with your sweat. Become one with the crystal and the fire and yourself. Lose yourself. As you begin to come out of your meditation, you will once again become aware of the fire glinting off the crystal. Slowly draw your point of consciousness back into your body, without losing consciousness of the fire or the crystal. Repeat this several times, until the flow becomes second nature to you.

In a graceful flowing motion, stand and begin to dance around the fire as you move the crystal to your active hand. Sweep the crystal through the flames in three continuous circular or spiral arcs11 as though you are stirring an imaginary cauldron. Allow the fire to lick at the crystal and your hand. Move your hand slow enough that you can feel the heat of the flames, yet not so slow that you burn yourself, or crack the crystal. Remain conscious that you are the fire, and you are the crystal, and you are the being who holds the crystal. Allow the crystal to flow to your passive hand. Repeat the three-fold journey of hand/crystal through fire using your passive hand. Do it a third time, with whichever hand feels appropriate.

Your crystal is now fixed.


1 The techniques I discuss here can easily be extended from a VII° Working to the realms of IX° (heterosexual Workings -ed.) or XI° (homosexual Workings, heterosexual sodomy and/or IX° during the Lunar flow -ed). Holding on to your crystal while making love can sometimes be a nuisance, but I have found it to be well worth the bother.a

aAnointing my dream crystal with IX° elixir, then holding It in my passive hand, with one finger inserted in my lover’s anus during cunnilingus has helped me to develop my abilities for vaginal skrying.

2I know a Priestess who used to play with taboo in her phantasies. Then her phantasies began actualizing, and her life became more Interesting than she was ready to handle. She freaked out. She is now celibate. Consciously evokIng taboo can be a powerful and rapid path of initiation, but it can sometimes be a bit too bold for many initiates. In this context, I agree with Borellus: "Call not forth what thou hast to put back down" (from a marginal note on a singular incantatory formula for the exorcism of the dead which I found in Borellus’ copy of the Necronomicon).

3For right handed people, the left hand is usually considered to be passive and the right hand active. Some (but not all) left-handed people reverse this polarity.

4I have known some women who have a difficult time secreting sexual fluid during VIII° Workings. If not remedied, this can have carry over effects into IX° operations, necessitating external lubrication during intercourse. Reliance upon external lubrication can lead to inflamation and infection.b Lack of sexual secretions can also impair the physIcal basis and magickal/medicinal value of any sacramental elixirs which are produced via VIII° and IX° sex magick. It your lubrication is not copious, I strongly advise using VIII° karezza coupled with creative visualizationc to become more in touch with the inner workings of your body before proceeding with any prolonged VIII° or IX° sex magick.

b I once knew a hooker who refused to use any sort of external lubrication. She would not fuck until she was dripping wet. When I met her, she hadn’t had a yeast infection in 15 years. She told me that she felt it was her responsibility to get (and keep) him hard and his responsibility to get (and keep) her wet.

c I know a prlestess who is working on this right now, with great success. I once knew another priestess who had used creative visualisation to figure out how to turn on her flow of anal elixir (probably by re-activating her vestigial musk glands) so she no longer needs any form of external lubrication for XI° anal sex.

5The Esoteric Order of Dagon suggests fiction as a viable way to express dream realities. I concur, particularly if your dream images evoke patriotic or religious fervour. The EOD also advises novices to avoid poetry. For the most part, I agree. I find other people’s poetry tends to evoke very garbled images which are difficult for me to translate into useful information. Fiction seems to be the most universal dialect amongst dreamers.

6In the system I use, the second chakra is the svadistthara (roughly analagous to the gonads). It is the seat of consciously expressive sexual energy. The second chakra is also the Palace of Dreams (Yesod) which governs the upper astral plane.

7Alternatively, the first time I used this technique, I used my prime dream crystal with which I had been working nightiy for several years.

8Cleansing is only necessary if you desire to keep your dream gateways discrete from the flow of the rest of your life. I do not cleanse my crystals, nor do I even remember from whom I received them or which of them is an active gateway crystal. But I am working to build a non-hierarchal auto-conceptualizing network. The advice in the main text is for those of you who have more one-to-one ambitions for their dream gateways.

9When I say permanent I mean permanent. There are crystals I have met which seem to have been fixed by Atlantean Mages. Many of these act as data crystals, which are distinguished by a metallic opalescent triangle buried deep in the crystal along a natural fault line. The metallic triangle is either a natural property of the crystal’s make-up or it has been put there by a process which is unknown to me. The effect seems to me to be analogous to the doping by which our culture creates transistors. The triangle’s shape seems to be related to the type of Information stored within that particular crystal. Perhaps it is an index system. Initially, I found Atlantean information crystals to be very difficult to decipher, probably due to the cultural gap between myself and the crystal’s original programmer. But, with patience, I have begun to piece enough information together to enable me to draw plans for some crystal-based techno-magick toys. If I ever get around to building any of these tools, I will report my findings in a future book or through the Black Moon Archives.

10When I do this ritual in the country, I use dry dead wood and bark. When in a tree-barren part of a city, I use old boards, newspapers, and other burnable trash. If I am feeling primitive, I start my fire with flint and steel, and a small pile of dry twigs and lint. When I am feeling pyromaniacal, I douse a pie of wood with dinosaur blood (gasoline), stand back, and throw on a small torch.

11If the crystal is in your right hand, your arcs will probably flow widdershins (counterclockwise). If in your left hand, deosil (clockwise). Use whatever flowd is more natural for you.

dIn some magickal systems, deosil movement is used primarily for invocation and widdershins for banishing. In my system, intent and natural flow of movement are of far greater importance than what direction you are moving.

This essay first appeared in The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, issue VII, 1989.