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The Invocation of Our Lady Babalon and The Beast Whereon She Rideth


Spent the day meditating on the Name and attributes of Our Lady, especially Atu XI. I have not ejaculated since yesterday morning in order to maintain a sexual high. Earlier today I was sodomized twice by an Irish sailor while mentally invoking Babalon upon myself.

10:13pm. The invocation has been prepared and the ritual site arranged.

10:15pm-10:30pm. GBR and pranayama. Everything is now complete.

Equipment. Goblet of strong Red Wine. Wand. Large amounts of Dark Sandal and Musk.

Working Site. The Hill Fort, Arthur's Seat.

Weather. Cold, dry and windy.

Phase of Moon. 2nd Quarter.


Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

Light fire while invoking:

Flame is Our Lady, flame is Her hair. I am Flame.

Trace 7-rayed star of Babalon invoking her name with each bar. Pile incense onto the fire.

1st Invocation

Axbim Chabafer Coyanion Axbim Buxobum

(The Great Whore joins with the Great Dragon)

Chant rapidly while dancing around the fire, slowly and sensuously at first but with increasing frenzy and abandon, building the image of Babalon rising out of the flames. At the height of frenzy begin to internalise the image and begin the second invocation.

Axbim Chabafer, Axbim Duxobum-Choyofaque

(The Great Harlot, The Great Dragon - Do the Great Work)

Sexual working, either Homo, Hetero or Auto may be embarked upon here, all the while retaining the internal image of Babalon.


In VIII° working the Magician vividly images riding upon the Beast whilst personifying Babalon. In IX° working the F Magician plays the role of Our Lady while the M works with the internal image of the Beast.

In XI° there are a number of options. Two male magicians (or female indeed) can apportion roles according to choice or chance, or a M/F couple may choose to have the F (with strapon) image the Beast while the M becomes Babalon.

If sexual gnosis is used the fluids are drained into the goblet of wine into which the Wand is then plunged, mixing the elixirs thoroughly and drawing the images of B and B into the chalice. The cup is drained until not a drop remains. Some wine should be kept aside to rinse the elixir thoroughly out. Cries of Choyofaque! Accompany this.

Banish with GBR

Working Notes

Milder now, sky is clear and the Moon and Stars are sharp and bright. Orion rising over the summit of Arthur's Seat. Laid the fire and piled incense on.

10:52pm. Began GBR. Visualizations very strong. As I opened the North quarter I had an image of a rose unfurling in the centre of the pentagram. Kindled fire while calling on Our Lady. Fire hard to start as wind now blowing very strong. During 1st invocation I was surrounded by a cloud of incense. Frenzy was reached swiftly and the Image of Babalon was clear above the flames. Vaguely Egyptian in appearance. Shades of Cleopatra. Presence felt very strongly as I stumbled and leapt about the fire. Collapsed beside the fire breathing heavy and harsh, pouring more power into the image.

Began 2nd inv. Internal image not very clear but Beast definitely resembled the sailor who fucked me earlier. Impossible to keep an erection but despite flaccidity I could feel climax near. Pushed myself a bit too hard. Just before I came into the chalice I felt a sharp pain in my head and a migraine began to take hold. Plunged wand into chalice and visualized the mixture seething and frothing, pulling in the image of Babalon. Drained the cup (sweet yet bitter taste) and fell back, crying Choyofaque! And laughing hysterically. Banished and closed at 11:23pm.

My head is spinning with the migraine. I feel it was a mistake not to go with the earlier impulse to sacrifice my cherished cigarette holder. Our Lady demanded a sacrifice and seeing as I didn't give it she took one anyway. I feel very charged up but a trifle disappointed with the rite.

Postscript. 1994.

Without transcribing my entire diary for January 1993 I can say that the three weeks after the rite were taut and bizarre. Virtually no dreams but a constant stream of lucid demonic images in the forecourt of sleep. A bat-winged, wolf-headed snake and a skull with diamonds in its eye-sockets remain among my favourites. The migraine persisted for a fortnight or more before being dissolved in a dreamworking and a few days after the rite the contested amber holder fell out of my pocket and smashed to pieces on the pavement. Since then I have avoided ritual invocations of O.L.B. and worked mainly with sexual invocations of her energies and current.