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Results Mysticism

There has always been a dislike within Chaos Magic for the very word 'Mysticism'; it's almost as verboten as the word 'Religion'. Historically this makes a lot of sense. When Results Magic, as the Chaos variety was originally known, made its debut in the late '70s, most of what was masquerading as Magic was really Mysticism in disguise. Our founding fathers, blessed be their names, realised that this was bad Magic and developed the new systems accordingly. It's worth noting that this is also very bad Mysticism.

The problem with the pre-Chaotic systems was that they had no clear result in mind, and those existing members of the Jurassic tendency still carry out their tedious rites, getting awfully excited at the fact that they feel slightly different after an hour and a half of chanting and striding about in rooms filled with incense. Large numbers of them consider that contact with deities consists of closing your eyes, imagining the deities are talking to you and then telling everyone that you are 'properly contacted' and that the hideous Chaos Magicians are 'tampering with forces they don't understand'.

True Mysticism is very different. There are two different things that classify as Mysticism proper, but one can be dismissed immediately. This is the volumes and volumes of outpourings by people who have had Mystical experiences and who rattle on about the wonders of nature or God or Goddess. Their experiences may well have been genuine, but reading this stuff is as boring as listening to other people's dreams or acid trips. Of course, it often IS other people's dreams or acid trips. Or mushrooms. In extreme cases this stuff is often squeezed into things masquerading as poetry by pagans who seem unaware that their material may yet inspire the return of the death penalty.

Pre-Chaotic traditions will often stress that Mysticism should be practiced for its own sake, but this is nonsense. Mysticism involves a simultaenous removal of everyday, human consciousness and contact with a deity. The fact that this is often defined as 'removing the Ego' scares a lot of real Mach Chaos Magicians, who seem to identify their Ego with their Selves. It is the passive Mysticism of the past that causes such fears, when deities of the Father God paradigm would be invited into the minds of monks and nuns who had been whipped and gashed into endorphin stupors. Nevertheless, even then this was what they wanted to do. The union that they achieved was their result, it was no more for its own sake than the ecstasies of Sufism or Tantra.

In modern terms, it is possible to gauge the results of mystical practice just as with Magic. The enjoyment itself is a result, but now that we have rid ourselves of the uniform monotheistic paradigms we can and should expect results in our everyday lives to stem from Mystical work. take, for example, the Goddess Hathor. Associated with her are love and prosperity, derived from the milk that she gives to her young and the association of cattle with wealth in most ancient cultures. In Results Mystical work, the ordinary personality is disintegrated by aussalting it from beneath. The part of you that is hungry for Hathor should not be the intellect, but the primal instincts for sex and wealth that are normally diverted into conventional thinking about chat-up lines and interview tactics. Successful blending with Hathor will produce good results in everyday life, improved finances and sex-life, but much to the annoyance of those magicians addicted to pain and work ethics the actual process itself is highly enjoyable. When inner, deep urges are met by an onrush of extra-human intelligence the meld is as joyful as any orgasm, and can continue for hours with weeks of afterglow.

It follows that the act of devotion in Results Mysticism is anything but gentle. You should howl for your deity, weep, scream, tear at your hair. Let unrequited desire rip through the straight-jacket of everyday normal behaviour. Do not restrict your demands, a God of Wisdom should give you all wisdom, a Goddess of Love all possible satisfaction. If the trance is too deep and the contact strong, watch for the results afterwards, and if they fail to materialise do not abandon the deity. Demand its return, curse and berate, threaten never to repeat the work. This is a fairly good attitude, if a Lord Thy God can be a Jealous God, he can at least have the decency to shower presents on his lover.

When contact is successful and results good, enter into a deep personal relationship. Build a shrine seperate from any area for working Magic, decorate it with images and idols of the deity. Choose good incenses and luxuriant cloth. Above all, perform Puja. This all encompassing Sanskrit term refer to any act at all that reaffirms the link between yourself and a deity. Bow, yes bow, as you pass the shrine, light incense sticks even if you're off to watch the telly. When any incident that you are involved in or witness is relevant to that deity, whisper his/her name and remember the image. Shout out that name at the point of orgasm, and leave it until later to explain to your partner. If there was a partner. if your partner is less than happy, inform your deity that you will in future invoke with the phrase "God you're huge" or "Take it all, you divine sex-slut", and there will be no more complaints.


This doesn't mean becoming monotheistic, a Love Goddess can no more complain at your working with a Money God than an earthly lover can complain about you having a job. Especially if you shower her with presents on wages day. And sexy underwear. if you haven't enough room for a lot of shrines, use just one and keep relevant cloth, images, etc, assigning particular days or times of day for each deity.

Such Mystical contact is deeply personal. A good relationship with various deities is enormously rewarding on many levels. It will fill you with joy, zest and laughter, but please, don't write me any poems about it.