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Style & Submissions Sheet

Pagan News began life as 'Northern Paganlink News' - a free newsletter that was distributed throughout the Yorkshire pagan scene. In 1988 we dropped the "Northern" and "Link" from the title to become Pagan News, the UK's first independent monthly pagan magazine. Since then, the magazine has gone through a variety of incarnations, but we have found that maintaining the submissions format detailed below, we have been able to maintain a high quality of articles & news.

This sheet provides a guide to writing for Pagan News. Firstly, we should stress that Pagan News is designed to be as general as possible in its' scope, so that the content must appeal to as wide a readership as possible. As far as possible, we try to include material which is accessible to both newcomers to paganism and experienced occultists alike. Also, we have a non-sectarian policy when it comes to different paths and belief systems/approaches to spirituality. We will print any material that the editorial team consider to be informative, interesting and well-written.

For this reason, we do not print articles which are highly specific to one aspect of the occult, nor do we use highly technical material which is only of interest to a specialised readership.


If you submit material to Pagan News, it may be subject to editing for reasons of style, grammar, or space restrictions. Where possible, we will endeavour to discuss textual cuts with contributors, but due to our busy schedule, this is not always possible.

Features Breakdown

1. News

Pagan News was first created to bring news items together from all sections of the pagan & occult community. The category of 'News' covers the following subjects:

Forthcoming conferences, workshops, seminars, news from organisations, new local meetings, local news which affects the pagan/occult community, new occult businesses, new archaeological/historical discoveries, attacks on pagans & occultists, ecological news, foreign news, etc. - If you have something that you feel we should be aware of, let us know. Newspaper clippings are most welcome. We are particularly interested in extending our range of overseas contacts so that we can report on events/items across the world.

2. Events/Meetings

Please note that our Meetings/Events listings are only open to non profit-making events. We would prefer that commercial events support us with advertising. Our current advertising rates are available from the editorial address. We are happy to discuss pro rata advertising and exchange adverts.

3. Viewpoint

Viewpoint is a reader's forum, for the expression of opinions, & ideas that you might wish to call the attention of others to. The average length for a Viewpoint submission is 900 words.

4. Main Feature

This is a two-page feature which is used to focus in on a particular subject. Subjects featured so far include: Satanic Child Abuse, Clause 25, and Psychic Questing. We will also consider short fiction for use in this feature. Average submission length is 1600 words.

5. She Speaks

She Speaks is our regular Women's Spirituality Forum, which deals with any aspect of Women's Spirituality. Average length is 1500 words, and enquiries regarding this feature will be handled by our Women's Features Editor, Sheila Broun (write c/o Editorial address).

6. Spotlight

Spotlight is our regular interview slot. If you are interested in interviewing someone/being interviewed yourself, please contact the editorial address.

7. Things to do

Things to do ... is our 'practical' feature, where we run short exercises, such as yoga postures, meditations, exercises, and tips on different methods of divination. Submissions for this section must be as clear and concise as possible and if possible, include a reading list. Average submission length is 500 words. We will also consider serialised items.

8. Third Eye

Third Eye is a regular feature which deals with scientific and technical developments, political campaigning, 'odd' items of interest and STOP PRESS news. There is no fixed length for features.

9. Feature Columns

Pagan News also features a variety of Columns by regular contributors. These include Skywatcher (Astrology), Wicca's World (The Craft), BodyMind (Health issues), Ley of the Land (Earth Mysteries), and Letter From... (Overseas Correspondents). If you are interested in contributing to any of these columns, or have an idea for a new column yourself, then please contact the editorial address for further details.

10. Letters

Letters are welcomed, but are again subject to editing, especially with regard to libellous statements. Protracted arguments by letter in the pages of Pagan News will not be tolerated.

11. Poetry

For reasons of space, Pagan News does not print poetry. For reasons of taste, we do not print channelled material.

Writing Guidelines

The editors are happy to consider material for publication. If we cannot use a piece of writing, then we will say why, and where possible, recommend an alternative publication.

Submissions Format

Submissions should be clearly written, typed, or word-processed. We can also accept ASCII files on 3.5"/5.25" IBM/Atari disks. All initial enquiries should include an sae. Submissions should be original material, and not duplicated in other magazines.


Pagan News is planned three months in advance, so the sooner that we receive enquiries or work, the sooner we can give a clear indication of when your work will be featured.


If you are interested in writing reviews for Pagan News, please write to Dominic Sceeny, the Reviews Editor (c/o editorial address) and ask for the Reviews style sheet.

If you are interested in submitting artwork to Pagan News, please contact Chrys Livings, Graphics editor for further details.