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Soul Weavers


The Path of the Tree: a bridge between worlds

In many ancient shamanic cosmologies the tree is a symbol of cosmic connection - a bridge between worlds - whereby spirit can unite with soul.

As a spiritual axis to other ways of knowing, trees can take us deep into our own inner landscapes. Using trance work, shamanic journeying and visualization, this workshop is the first of a series of eight designed to lead into magical consciousness, a powerful way of knowing - one with which we might have become unfamiliar.

The Path of the Tree workshop will be held on:
30th July
Time: 10-6pm
Location: Brighton
Cost: 60

More information - email

Soul Weavers are:
Jo Crow a shaman with many years of experience in healing, counselling, women's spirituality, and environmental arts work. Jo has her own shamanic practice in Brighton.
Dr Susan Greenwood an anthropologist who has spent many years researching and writing on magic and who has taught courses on altered states of consciousness at the University of Sussex.