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June 27, 2005


I'm really not up to speed on this blogging lark, am I? One of my friends suggested that I looked at other people's blogs for inspiration, but whenever I read the blogs of luminaries such as Alistair Livingston or Joel Biroco I tend to come away just wishing I could be as eloquent as they, and feeling "why bother?". Occasionally, I start musing on some particular subject on the morning train, but more often than not, any coherent string of... — more »

March 16, 2005

a magical link

What makes an object 'magical'? This is something I've been reflecting on for some time since reading a thread on some magical bbs or other, on 'charging' objects in order to make them 'magical'. Not long ago I was reading an ethnologist's account of documenting folk magic traditions in India. Looking into a man's hut, he saw a stone on which was painted an intricate diagram. He asked if he could photograph it. The man declined, and the researcher asked... — more »

March 08, 2005

The Peacock's dance

Not long ago I was drawn into a contremps with another occultist on a discussion board over a particular subject. Gradually, as we both posted arguments, it emerged that although we were using the same term that we each had totally different meanings in mind, and it was not until we'd recognised this that we were able to move onto some degree of common resolution on the matter. It reminded me of a pub conversation some years back. I spent... — more »

January 13, 2005

...may that tusk direct us

Maria & I began the new year with a Ganesa Puja. Thinking back, that makes almost sixteen years for me as a devotee of Ganapati, so perhaps some reflections on the elephant-headed god are in order. After the puja, I felt calm, placid, light, open - all qualities I associate with Ganesha - and qualities which I find I too easily lose touch with in the hurly-burly of daily living. Ganesha is famed for his appetite, but though he digests... — more »

January 09, 2005

Be careful what you wish for...

A few months ago I moaned on about my company's sudden decision to upgrade the phone system. Arriving back to work last week, I found this had magically occurred in my absence, and like everyone else there, I was faced with a brand-new digital phone with loads of cool features (voicemail, speed-dialing, conference calls) - none of which I'm quite sure how to work properly. My hopes for a nice relaxing first couple of days back in the office were... — more »