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A Journal of the New Aeon

Vol.II No.1, £10 from BCM Starfire, London WC1N 3XX, 154pp, A4.

I sometimes feel that contemporary magic is suffering from legions of would-be ‘experts’ who, in the rush to stake a claim for authority, are busy boiling away the essence of magical arcanum, until all that is left is some grey, dull pseudo-science that says nothing of mystery and imagination, very little of creativity and other-wordly perception. Then along comes Starfire, and hope is restored. This journal is nothing less than a talisman of letters and images, a blend of art, discussion, fiction, poetry and practical work that serves both as testimonial and inspiration to those who have the eyes to see, the hearts to feel. There is much here that I found thought-provoking and stirring. For example, Michael Staley’s essay "The Lam-Serpent Sadhana." I must admit that Lam is one of my own recurrent ‘obsessions’ and therefore, to read of another magician’s odyssey in this respect is particularly fascinating and instructive. Throughout this issue of Starfire, there is for me a powerful undercurrent of magic being carried forwards - be it in Paul Lowe’s excellent resumé of Dream-Magic practices to Robert Taylor’s discussion of "Magick & Imagination." If you are a serious occultist, then Starfire is a must. Moreover, if this current issue truly reflects what the [Typhonian] O.T.O is up to, then more power to them! - Phil Hine