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Nox:The Black Book

Volume 1 - Infernal Texts

Edited by Stephen Sennitt, Logos Press, 1998, 60pp, A5 chapbook. Available from Dagon Productions

This welcome release from Logos Press is the first in a planned trilogy of retrospectives from the pages of Nox magazine, one of the UK’s more ‘hardcore’ Left-Hand Path ‘zines which rose to infamy during the late 1980’s. Divided into three sections, the first group of essays & rituals is from the Order of Nine Angles, a British-based Satanic order whose publications caused quite a stir in the late 1980’s. These essays deal with the O.N.A.’s approach to Satanism, the Black Mass, and the Lovecraftian ‘Dark Gods’. Regardless of how one views this material, it is refreshing to peruse a contemporary perspective on Satanic magic that is avowedly different to the outpourings of its American manifestations. Contrast this material with the rather tub-thumping section which follows - texts from the Werewolf Order - who style themselves as a "Satanic Leadership school" or an "elite sodality of black magicians" - yawn. Presumably this section has been included to highlight the excellence of the O.N.A. material. The third section of the book - "The Nameless Sodality" is a selection of practical & theoretical essays on a variety of themes, including magical evocation, vampirism, voodoo and the ‘23’ current - which I gather is related to magicians exploring Cthulhuoid magics. Of these, the piece "The Magician as Vampire" is particularly interesting, as is Stephen Dziklewicz’s "The Sign of the Old Ones".

All in all, Infernal Texts provides an interesting read, particularly if one missed them the first time round in the Original Nox. There’s a lot of material jammed into 60 pages, and one is certainly getting good value for money here. If one is seriously interested in the cutting edge of modern magic, this book is a must! - Anastasius 217