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News & updates archives: January

January 09, 2005

Here’s the first batch of site updates for 2005:

A new article for the Tantra section is Danny Lowe’s comprehensive introduction to Dattatreya. Two new Book Reviews have been added: The Good the Bad the Funny and Sarah Caldwell’s Oh Terrifying Mother. Plus more additions to the art - Maria’s Sri Yantra and Isis sculptures, updates to the Links page and details of a debate I’m taking part in later this month at Treadwells on the Events page.

Now for some news & announcements:

New magazine alert! Dead Jellyfish of tells me he’s doing a new hard-copy Chaos ‘zine: Konton Magazine and the first issue is already available. Konton (its Japanese for “chaos” apparently) will be published quarterly on the solstices & equinoxes, and the Jellyfish sez he welcomes unsoliticed submissions, so please bombard him with bullshit at
Peter J. Carroll has emerged from the Tower of Silence and is teaching an online course in chaos magic at the maybelogic academy starting in April.
TOPY have recently announced two new publications T.O.P.Y Broadcast 9.2 and Thee Kali Circle Compendium - more info from the TOPY News page.
Also, two former Logos Press titles, The Nox Anthology and Liber Koth have been released as a single volume by New Falcon Publications.

Babal’Orisha Obalade, Santero and Oriaté (Diviner and Master of Ceremony), will be visiting London in May 2005. He is initiated into the Afro-Cuban Tradition of Santeria for over 29 years and well versed in Dillogun Divination, the traditional form of determining Divine Will by casting the cowry shells of the Orishas. He has taught and initiated many people into the mysteries of Santeria. More info about this event at the London Santeria Meetup Group.